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How do you plan for a DDoS attack?

1405034231_project-planIt’s important to realize that anyone with an online presence is a potential target for a DDoS attack. It’s relatively easy for a determined individual to build their own botnet to carry out large scale DDoS attacks, but it is even easier with numerous DDoS for hire services currently available on the black market. With that being said, as a risk manager it’s important to be aware of the threat and know how your organization is going to react when you’re hit.

Know the Risks Involved

Before you develop your defensive strategy you first need to ask yourself: what’s at stake here?

What would happen if you’re web site was down for an hour? Two hours? 12 hours? A day or more? How would that effect your organization? When your web site is offline, revenue stops. This could cause hundreds if not thousands of dollars in lost revenue, not to mention lost users and a negative SERP impact. When dealing with a long term DDoS attack, losses can increase exponentially.

Will a successful attack cripple your business?

Proactive Strategy Is the Best Strategy

Waiting for an attack to occur then deal with it is a mistake that many organizations make, and it almost always ends up costing significantly. The fact is that DDoS protection is usually more affordable than having your online business go down from an attack. It’s better to invest in protection now, rather than putting it off until it is too late.

Mitigation Services vs. In-house Development

DDoS attacks come in all different shapes and forms. Unless you have experience dealing with attacks, building your own mitigation system using your own hardware or pre-existing ones could be costly and time consuming. One must not forget the fact that such mitigation systems always need to be updated and tweaked to account for new attack types and minimize false positives.

Instead, it may be more beneficial idea to hire a 3rd party company such as DDHS to handle your DDoS defenses for you. Many protection services utilize cost pooling which make them affordable and effective, even for the smallest of organizations. Additionally, protection can usually be deployed via reverse proxy or GRE tunnel within minutes to protect a single server located anywhere in the world. There are also other solutions available to protect whole your whole network if your organization has such a requirement.

DDoS Hosting Solutions Now Accepting Bitcoins

Bitcoin     We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting a new payment method, Bitcoins!  In a continued effort to improving DDoS Hosting Solutions, adding new payment methods is just one more step to improving our services.  You can now pay for all of our services using Bitcoins.

Bitcoins are a fairly new type of digital currency that is sweeping the online ecommerce industry.  They are an anonymous currency that thousands of consumers and business owners are starting to utilize.  Since they are anonymous, you do not have to give your real name and there are no transaction fees.

Since Bitcoins are completely anonymous, they are not tied to any country which means they are not subjected to regulation.  Bitcoins are stored in what is called a digital wallet.  Consumers are flocking to invest in Bitcoins as there is potential for a high return.

Bitcoins are described as the digital currency of the future.

DDoS Hosting Solutions Launches Official Company Blog

DDoS Hosting Solutions adds company blog to their website to bring news, updates, and informative articles relating to the DDoS protection industry

Internet blog reader conceptDDoS Hosting Solutions, a leading provider of DDoS protected web hosting services, has announced an official launch of their company blog.

With a company blog, DDHS will be bringing company news and updates to your front door.  Posts will include any exciting news about the company and current promotions on services that are going on.  On top of the news and updates that DDHS will be posting about, they will also post occasional informative articles relating to various DDoS topics.

“One of the best places to stay up to date about emerging threats and other news relating to DDoS security is directly from the companies who deal with these threats every day,” said Bob, co-owner of DDoS Hosting Solutions. “Our company blog will let our clients know what we are currently up to.  What we are going to do next.  It will be used as a medium to share this information directly to the public.”

DDoS protection is something that all online businesses and websites need to consider purchasing to maintain their online presence.  The biggest problem with DDoS protection is the lack of education about the subject.  DDHS hopes that posting informative articles about various DDoS topics will help to educate others about the growing threat and why DDoS protection is becoming a necessity.

DDoS Hosting Solutions offers DDoS protection for online businesses, websites, and services.  They provide shared and VPS hosting.  They also sell dedicated servers with the option to add up to 20 Gbps DDoS protection via DDHS Guard.

DDHS Guard is used to protect client’s online presence from DDoS attacks ranging up to 20 Gbps.  It is deployed either as a remote proxy or a GRE tunnel can be setup.  A majority of people who rely on maintaining an online presence do not realize they need DDoS protection until it is too late.  Being proactive can be the best option to mitigate damages and loss exposures that might occur from a DDoS attack.

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve at DDHS.  Blogging is great way to connect with your clients and potential customers,” said Kevin, co-owner of DDoS Hosting Solutions.  “One of the biggest problems we have noticed is the lack of education when it comes to DDoS protection.  People do not understand what it is and why they need it.  We hope that regular posts about various DDoS related topics will help educate people.”

DDoS Hosting Solutions hopes to increases people’s awareness about DDoS threats through their company blog.  In addition they will be releasing the latest news and updates about the company.  Visit the company blog at http://www.ddoshostingsolutions.com.

To check out the company’s website and learn more about its DDoS protected solutions, visit http://www.ddoshostingsolutions.com.

Why DDoS Protection is an Insurance Policy worth Having

DDoS Hosting Solutions discusses the importance of having DDoS protection to mitigate income loss exposures

risk-management-mediumInsurance is a concept that everyone is familiar with.  When you are driving a car and get into an accident, you are relying on insurance to cover most of the costs to mitigate damages.  Insurance is all about identifying potential loss exposures and implementing risk management techniques to prevent these loss exposures.  DDoS protection is an insurance policy that is becoming essential to maintain an online presence in today’s market.

DDoS attacks are becoming a major peril to businesses that rely on their online presence.  When an online business website gets exposed to DDoS attacks, the revenue stops.  This can cause hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to be lost in potential revenue.  This can be catastrophic to an online business.  Businesses are starting to realize the dangers of not having adequate protection against DDoS attacks.

“DDoS attacks are a problem that has emerged as one of the biggest perils to online businesses,” said Kevin, co-owner of DDoS Hosting Solutions.  “DDoS protection is basically an insurance policy for businesses that rely on their online presence to generate revenue.  It eliminates the possibility of incurring an income loss exposure.  Eliminating this risk helps businesses thrive and leaves their revenue streams intact.”

Actuators are agreeing that DDoS attacks are becoming a peril to online businesses that needs to be addressed.  Waiting until you receive a DDoS attack is not a good idea and being proactive is the best option.  It comes down to weighing the costs of DDoS protection versus the risks and costs of not having protection.  The financial impact of a long term DDoS attack can be devastating to an online business.  DDoS protection is usually more affordable than having your online business go down from an attack.

Setting up your own hardware to prevent DDoS attacks can be very expensive.  It is recommended to purchase DDoS protection from a provider who already has the hardware to deal with these expensive attacks. DDoS Hosting Solutions offers protection from attacks with DDHS Guard for a low cost.  Prices are starting at $249 per month with plans ranging from 5 to 20 Gbps DDoS protection.  They utilize cost pooling just as insurance providers do.  Pooling gives DDHS the ability to increase their network capacity which leads to protecting against larger DDoS attacks at a lower cost.

“The costs of DDoS protection are minimal compared to the risks you would face of being shut down from a DDoS attack,” said Bob, co-owner of DDoS Hosting Solutions.  “Thousands of dollars can be lost from being shut down.  When you are dealing with a long term DDoS attack, this loss can multiply exponentially.  It is a risk that online businesses simply do not want to take.”

Risk managers are making the move toward DDoS protection to alleviate the pains that come with DDoS attacks.  Insurance is a fundamental factor to consider when starting any business and online businesses are no exception.  Peace of mind is important to business owners.

DDoS Hosting Solutions Increases its DDoS Protection Capabilities

DDoS Hosting Solutions, a leading provider of DDoS protected web hosting services, has announced a complete overhaul on their services.

increase_capabilitiesWith a complete overhaul, DDHS is now offering DDoS protected services for a lower and more affordable price.  All services across the board were subject to decreases in prices including shared hosting and virtual server plans as well as dedicated servers and their DDHS Guard.

“DDoS attacks are an increasing threat to online services that are not going anywhere, anytime soon.  DDoS protection is quickly becoming a vital necessity to maintain an online presence in today’s market,” said Kevin, co-owner of DDoS Hosting Solutions. “The biggest problem with DDoS protection is the high costs.  It is very difficult for small businesses to afford adequate DDoS protected solutions to keep their services online.  We strive ourselves at DDHS to create the most efficient and affordable DDoS protected solutions that can suite everyone’s needs.”

DDoS Hosting Solutions’ has a whole new line of premium dedicated servers with DDoS protection up to 20 Gbps.  The dedicated servers are deployed quickly and are easily setup with prices starting at $59 per month. They are also fully customizable with affordable hardware and software add-on’s. Customers will also have two new locations to choose from: New York and Amsterdam in addition to California.

DDHS Guard also received a major price reduction and increase in DDoS protection capabilities.  DDHS Guard can be deployed remotely via GRE tunnel or reverse proxy. Prices for DDHS Guard packages are starting at $249 per month.  DDoS Hosting Solutions also added new regions to where DDHS Guard can be deployed from.  These regions include California, New York, and Amsterdam.

“We are very pleased to bring DDHS Guard to new locations in New York and Amsterdam.  DDHS is always working to create the most efficient and affordable DDoS protection in the industry.  We pride ourselves on constantly developing our services as new threats emerge every day,” said Bob, co-owner of DDoS Hosting Solutions. “We have been in business since 2007 and our expertise and extensive knowledge aid us in providing the best solutions for clients.”

DDoS attacks are increasing becoming a problem for everyone who has an online web presence.  Since 2007, DDoS Hosting Solutions has been giving owners of forums, blogs, and personal and business websites peace of mind by preventing DDoS attacks.  DDoS attacks can cause businesses to lose revenue which is why DDoS protection is a necessity especially since attacks are now more common than they have ever been.

To check out the company’s website and learn more about its DDoS protected solutions, visit http://www.ddoshostingsolutions.com.